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Vastu Expert in India, Famous Vastu Expert in India, Best Vastu Expert in India, Top Vastu Expert in India. A properly designed and built building is one among the foremost impressive samples of human ingenuity and skill . However, even the simplest architect and builder will sometimes find themselves at a dead end, unable to progress, struggling to continue their project. there's something missing, something vital. The building lacks soul. the planet famous astrologist & Vastu ExpertSanjay Attri Ji knows the way to remedy these problems. the answer lies within the ancient practice of Vastu Shastra.

A Building for the Soul

Vastu is one among the oldest occult sciences in India once restricted to making temple layouts that conformed to the way the laws of nature affect citizenry , and emphasizing the positive effects while minimizing the negative ones. As a world class vastu consultant,Sanjay Attri Ji can assist you apply the underlying mathematical principles to your work to realize optimal results that bring out truth potential of what you create. As a world famous vastu expert, he also will be ready to guide you thru the complex network of interconnected theories and mathematical equations that structure this intricate discipline.

The Basic Elements of the Discipline

The underlying theory of vastu shastra is that the planet consists of 5 basic elements. it's called the pancha maha bhoota. These five elements need to exist in perfect balance with one another so as for the influences to synergize and make life. Our planet, Earth, is that the just one within the system where they exist in peaceful balance. Humans are the last word expression of this synergy. the weather that cause life are Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space. The fifth is that the overarching element, binding the others together and acting because the universal conductor of energy.

How Vastu Shastra Works

The goal of the Vastu Shastra discipline is that the creation of buildings that allow the influences and interplay between these five elements to be harnessed. a correct plan and its implementation is that the crucial element of this process. However, this science is far quite that. It represents an important shift in mentality. Home, or Manushyalaya may be a temple, Office, Factory, Commercial Complexes, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Shops, Showrooms, Flats, Houses which need to be designed during a way that permits positive influences to be properly channeled and negative ones to be dispersed and faraway from your environment reception .

HowSanjay Attri Ji Can Help You

A Vastu expert consultant can provide you with invaluable insight into building a home.Sanjay Attri Ji is one among the foremost well regarded representatives of this Vaastu science, routinely asked for consultation by the best architects worldwide. Of course, a full consultation isnt always required. counting on your needs, even simple vastu tips are often enough to place you and your building plans on target toward maximizing their potential and, by extension, yours.Sanjay Attri Ji travels everywhere the planet within the countries like USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, India, Dubai, London, Canada, Germany when people across the world invite him for Vaastu Visits.